Jenelle Evans' Rumored Affair Could Change Everything

Oh man, it's hard to tell what's going on with Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith these days. Less than two months after getting engaged, he was hit with domestic assault charges, and according to Jenelle, they haven't spoken since. But now there are rumors swirling about Jenelle having an affair, and it could change everything for the Teen Mom 2 star.


Jenelle took to Twitter to re-tweet something from an account going by "Jenelle Evans PR," although we don't know how involved she is with it. Obviously she at least endorses it, given her RT, but whether or not she's behind it is a mystery.

Anyway, the tweet in question addressed the rumors that Jenelle had an affair with an MTV cameraman, and flatly denied any truth to them. The PR account also shared two texting screenshots as evidence that said affair never occurred.

"Rumors of an affair with a camera man are completely untrue. Included are two texts from Jenelle's directors," was tweeted along with the screenshots.

One text reads, "I have no idea what that is all about. Will do some investigating," and another says, "If a crew member got a DUI (anywhere) then they would not be working."

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Well that's ... odd. The rumor is that Jenelle and Nathan's altercation occurred after she found out that he was fooling around, and he pinned her to the toilet and forcibly removed her engagement ring from her finger. Of course if she were the one cheating, it should would explain (but never justify!!) his behavior.

On the other hand, if Jenelle did have a relationship with someone else, it sure would indicate that she's finally done with Nathan once and for all. It might be a messy way to do it, but Jenelle does have a history of overlapping relationships.

Of course they're all just rumors, and Jenelle is actively denying it instead of staying mum, so there's likely no truth to it after all.

Do you think there may be any truth to these rumors?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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