'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Catelynn & Tyler's Wedding Plans Take Another Hit

catelynn lowell teen mom ogThey're back, y'all! The original teen moms have finally made their way back to MTV! We still can't stop celebrating the return of Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood, their baby daddies and babies. It's. About. Time. And the biggest news of all? Catelynn and Tyler officially announce their pregnancy. But their marriage plans? Not as positive.


The couple officially takes a pregnancy test and shows the cameras.  The fourth wall is broken and we see them genuinely celebrating their latest news. Tyler's ready to hold his baby, Catelynn can't wait to be a mom, but as soon as the conversation shifts to marriage and Catelynn says she wouldn't mind being married before the baby arrives, Tyler halts the whole chat. Pump. The. Breaks.

No go on the wedding pre-baby. No courthouse quickie, no hastily-planned nuptials. Tyler's not having it. "I'm doing it real time," he says, so that's been put on hold for a long while.

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Meanwhile, back in Chattanooga, Maci and previous long-distance boyfriend Taylor have finally moved in together. She's raising Bentley, finishing her degree, and working at her weekly radio show. And, of course, continuing to deal with ex-Ryan Edwards, who, like we've all grown to see, is not the most communicative co-parent.

On his weekends with six-year-old Bentley, they spend time at his parents' home, and things quickly go sour when Ryan wants to take Bentley away on a trip to Nashville. The little kid's not having it. And Mom knows. So in an effort to patch things up and get better footing in their co-parenting battle, she attempts to meet up with Ryan to chat. But, nope. That's not Ryan's style. Finally, she caves and approaches his parents, whose solution is hilarious: Send Ryan an email, they say. Good luck, Maci, good luck.

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Finally, we had the return of Amber and Gary. Amber's been released from prison, has bought her own home, and is getting her life back on track. Gary still has full custody of Leah and is living with his girlfriend.

But, like we've always known, never say never when it comes to a reunion. When Gary picks up Leah after her night with Amber, the two have another one of their flirty-esque conversations. Yes, it's civil and friendly, but when Amber says that they'll never get together, Gary's question speaks volumes: "Do you really think it's never?"

Think on that for a minute.

And as for the other missing mom? Farrah Abraham does make a cameo in the premiere when Catelynn and Tyler attend the Couples Therapy reunion. She admits that she regrets the mistakes she's made, but that's all we see of the teen mom-turned-porn-star-turned-erotic-novel-writer. But stay tuned on her return, because we all know it's coming.

Are you surprised Catelynn and Tyler aren't getting married yet?



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