Chris Harrison Opens Up About Possibly Being 'The Bachelor'

Chris Harrison

Ever since he officially went back on the market as a single dude, fans of the show have been super curious as to whether or not host Chris Harrison will be The Bachelor, because duh -- he'd be totally amazing as the leading man. I mean, if anyone can slide right into the role of dating a bunch of chicks with cameras following your every move, it's the dude who has guided plenty of other guys through the process.


It would be so entertaining to see him on the other side of the fence, but based on a new interview with, it sounds like we probably shouldn't go getting our hopes up about Chris taking the gig.

He said:

The Bachelor has been my baby for 13 years, and I love hosting it. I'm a student of the game. You really have to give yourself up to the producers and this ride, and there's no way in hell I could do that. Not only do I know how the sausage is made, but I have helped make it, so ...

Uhhhhh, what? He "knows how the sausage is made?" Is he likening the show to a freakin' hot dog, or something, meaning that it's nothing but a bunch of bullsh** stuffed into a neat little package?

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Ugh. We're not stupid or anything and we're well aware that certain parts of the show are edited and embellished for the sake of decent television, but come on, Harrison, let us hang on to the last shred of hope we have that a small part of The Bachelor is the real deal.

But let's forget about the show possibly/maybe/most likely being kinda fake for the time being, since there's a bigger issue at hand here. Who else thinks Chris ought to seriously reconsider ruling out being the show's next leading man? Besides bringing a fun new twist into the mix, who knows ... he just might wind up finding the woman of his dreams. At the very least, he shouldn't knock finding love on TV until he's tried it.

(I'd totally apply for his season. Who else is with me?)

Do you think Chris should be The Bachelor?


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