Jenelle Evans Reveals the Truth About Relationship Status With Nathan (VIDEO)

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Well? Just when we were pretty darn sure they'd buried the hatchet and gotten back together for the umpteenth time, it looks as though Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's relationship might be more of a mystery than we ever imagined. Given the alleged nature of the argument that broke them up this time, we wouldn't be surprised if these two decided to call it quits for good.


I mean, if Nathan really cheated after putting a ring on her finger, we can't blame Jenelle for ending things once and for all.

And based on this video of Jenelle admitting she hasn't spoken to Nathan since his arrest, it looks as though she might finally be coming to her senses.


Seriously? They haven't talked ... like at all?!? No phone calls? No texts? Not even a direct message on Twitter? Whoa. This very well could be the end, people!

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Of course, when the paps asked Jenelle whether she thought things would ultimately work out between them, she muttered, "Maybe ...", so we probably can't rule out a reconciliation just yet. But for Jenelle's sake, let's just hope she seriously considers the consequences should she decide to give her relationship with Nathan "just one more" chance. Given how much heartache this dude has caused her, she really might be a lot better off saying goodbye for good so she can have a genuine fresh start in her life.

Do you believe that Jenelle has had NO contact with Nathan?


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