Amber Portwood Shares Intimate Details of Her Time in Prison​ in Exclusive Interview

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Things have been challenging for Teen Mom star Amber Portwood. Being in jail for 17 months is no joke -- Martha Stewart only served five and returned to TV. But Amber had more to overcome. We really should applaud her for getting her life back on track after doing her time and overcoming addiction. Now she's set to appear on Teen Mom's new season, Teen Mom OG, and she's opening up about all she went through.


Amber was charged with domestic violence and drug abuse, and she was in deep. She made the very difficult choice to go to jail instead of rehab because she felt that was the only way for her to truly get clean and sober and be the mom he needed to be for her daughter Leah. That takes a strong woman, and I respect her for doing all she can to overcome and get well. In an interview with People magazine on returning to Teen Mom OG, Amber said:

I didn't want people to have a bad taste in their mouth of things that happened in the past. I thought, 'this is my chance, don't blow it.'

The only thing I could see happening to me if I [hadn't gone] to prison is I would have died. I would have overdosed. When you're an addict you know what your bottom is.

Obviously I've had some speed bumps. But it's never too late to try to get your life back and do something positive.

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I really have hope for her. For her daughter. For their lives. This sounds like an Amber who has truly learned a lot. She even earned her G.E.D. when she was in prison, taking parenting and anger management classes. "The whole time I was in there I worked my ass off. There were hundreds of hours of drug addiction classes. I did extra classes, parenting and anger management and even started teaching. I put myself in there for a reason so I didn't want to make it a waste," she said.

Good for her. That had to be so hard to be away from your child for so long, but she had the ability to look to the future, to know that she had to make changes now or else risk everything for her future, for her chance to be a mother to her daughter. She made the right sacrifice to make herself better.

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She even said that she gets along with Leah's dad, her ex Gary Shirley, though admits that he still gets on her nerves. (I'm not sure there is any ex that doesn't, Amber.) Gary, if you've been keeping up, has another baby on the way with his new love. And Amber is engaged to 43-year-old Matt Baier who she calls "amazing, funny, caring, and loving." He seems like a good guy, too.

One day at a time, Amber. All the best to her. And I'm psyched she's going to be back on Teen Mom OG March 23!

What do you think of Amber's journey to make herself well? Will you be watching Teen Mom OG?


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