Maci Bookout Makes a Sad Confession About Her Unborn Daughter

Can you believe that Maci Bookout is already in her third trimester? It seems like barely yesterday that news broke that she was pregnant again, six years after giving birth to Bentley on MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant. The Teen Mom star recently made a sad confession about her second pregnancy though, and we couldn't help but feel for her.


Maci admitted to having a much different experience this time, considering that she's in a stable relationship with her amazing man, Taylor McKinney, and you know, not in high school. But one of those differences has her a little bit concerned. 

She confessed, "This time, I don't feel as connected to the pregnancy as I did before. I'm so afraid I'm not going to like her! I keep comparing her to Bentley and there's no way I can love someone as much as I love Bentley."

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Adding to her anxiety is the fact that she's having a little girl this time. She continued, "I'm a little anxious, because I know how to have a little boy ... I know the labor thing, but as far as taking care of a little girl, and the pink, and being girly, I don't know about that."

We're thinking Maci is going to be just fine with the girl thing. Besides, maybe she'll have a little tomboy! You never know. Kids come in all kinds of kinds, regardless of their gender.

But getting back to this second-child anxiety ... it's totally normal to feel like this about second pregnancies. For one thing, you're too busy chasing your first kid around to spend countless hours dreaming of how your life is about to change in a big way.

Maci did admit that her mom has been helping her overcome her feelings of insecurity about having a second baby. "I have an older brother and my mom says she felt the same way," she said. "So I'm not too worried about it, but it is a strange feeling."

It is definitely a strange feeling! But a funny thing happens to a mom when she meets the second person that she's brought into the world -- she forgets that life ever existed without them.

Do you think Maci's feelings about having a second child are normal?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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