Video of 'Bachelor' Contestant Farting on Air Is as Good as It Gets

Arthur Green

OMG. Can you think of anything more humiliating than being on a date and unintentionally passing gas in front of the dude you're trying to impress? After seeing this video of a Bachelor contestant farting while attempting to woo the leading man on the show, clearly suffering such an embarrassment on television is even worse.


Take a look at the clip and pay special attention to about the 5-second mark, when poor Poppy, a cast member on The Bachelor New Zealand, lets one rip in front of leading man, Arthur Green.

AHHHH!! I know Arthur was a good sport about it and all, but how in the world did this chick manage to sit down and continue on with the conversation like it was no big deal?

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I would've cried, or run for the hills, or ... done anything besides declare that I'd slipped on the sand!

Then again, we should probably give Poppy a round of applause for being confident enough to own up to her farts instead of trying to make excuses for them. Hell, if these two are already comfortable with each other's bodily functions, they might as well forget the show and go ahead and get married right now.

Do you fart in front of your man?


Image via BeastNZ/YouTube

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