Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Secret' Boyfriend Could Ruin 'The Bachelorette' All Together

Kaitlyn Bristowe

D'oh! It's pretty safe to say that as of now, she holds the reigning title of "America's Sweetheart," but it seems as though our favorite Bachelorette just might have a skeleton in her closet. According to Star magazine, Kaitlyn Bristowe had a boyfriend during The Bachelor, whom she even went straight back to after Chris Soules ended things with her in Bali.


A source claims that Kaitlyn's love interest is Trevor Partlo, a firefighter from Vancouver, and she's supposedly been seeing him for a year. The insider claims:

She loves being in the spotlight, and Trevor knows it. When she signed on to The Bachelor, Trevor told me, 'She's just doing it to get famous. It doesn't mean anything. She'll come back and it'll be life as normal.'

Wait ... it gets worse.

This "friend" of Kaitlyn's also says that while she admitted being "intimate" with Chris on the show, she also viewed the whole thing as a "joke." He/she adds:

I know Kaitlyn has told Trevor in the past that she loves him. She's a free spirit, but she can also be very manipulative. And I have no doubt that actually finding a husband on The Bachelorette will be the last thing on her mind.

Burn! Regardless of whether or not what this person is suggesting is true, let's hope Kaitlyn cuts him/her out of her life pretty quickly, given the dirt he/she just spilled!

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OMG, this can't possibly be true ... can it? I mean, out of any woman in the history of the show, Kaitlyn has to be the most universally liked among Bachelor fans, so it's really hard to conceive of her motives being anything but genuine.

Plus, she really did seem brokenhearted when Chris let her go, and I'm just not sure you can fake a reaction like that. It's not like she made some huge scene complete with the ugly cry, so we have to assume her tears were a result of being truly upset that her relationship with Chris was ending.

For now, we should probably take what this person said with a grain of salt, because no one wants to even consider the idea of Kaitlyn doing The Bachelorette in an effort to find fame and fortune as opposed to true love. If she turns out to be anything less than real, it's pretty safe to say most of Bachelor Nation will be officially devastated.

Do you think Kaitlyn really had a boyfriend while The Bachelor was filming?


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