Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff's Wedding Plans Raise a Red Flag

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff

Now that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are happily engaged and planning on starting their lives together, Bachelor fans can't help but wonder if they'll stand the test of time and actually wind up tying the knot. As much as we want to root for them, it's not like couples who come out of the show have a high success rate, so it's only natural to be a bit skeptical about their relationship.


And one thing that has really made us go "Hmm ..." about their engagement is the fact that instead of settling right into life on the farm in Iowa, they're living together in L.A. while Chris is doing Dancing With the Stars.

Given how adamant he was during the season about making sure the person he chooses to be his wife realizes that living in Arlington is a prerequisite, it just seems a little odd that the lifestyle they're living is basically the complete opposite of what goes along with residing in a (very) small town.

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In regards to their plans for the future, Chris told E!:

We are just trying to enjoy our time sort of out of the spotlight and in public and being normal. We're transitioning here into a life in LA and she's living here as well. So it's one step at a time and that's what we're focused on. Wedding plans will come naturally.

Hmm. Wedding plans will come "naturally?" Okkkkkkk.

While we sort of get what he's saying and think it's probably good that he and Whitney aren't rushing into things, doesn't it seem like he's leaving the outcome of their relationship a bit open ended? I mean, I'm not ready to go so far as to say they might be on the rocks or anything like that, but it certainly seems like Chris and Whitney are taking a step back to make sure they're truly meant for each other before sealing the deal.

And honestly, who can blame them? It's better for them to slow things down now instead of having a quickie wedding just for the sake of pleasing the masses. Besides, the longer they stay together, the better the chances are of ABC footing the bill for an over-the-top amazeballs TV wedding. (Complete with a big ole' barn, of course.)

Do you think Chris and Whitney are cooling off, or just taking their time?


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