'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Are Already Fighting!

jessa duggar and ben seewald

Oh man. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald revealed that they'd already hit bumps in the road -- well before they tied the knot. Burn the bouquets and quickly binge eat all the fondant gluing the cake in place: Love is a lie. 


This week on 19 Kids & Counting, the preparations for Jessa and Ben's wedding reached maximum overdrive. Amid all the madness, the couple had a chance to sit down and have their last marriage counseling session before hitting up that altar. Cool beans. Wait, did I mention that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar were their counselors? Because they are. People I don't ever want to talk to about my deepest darkest pre-marital woes: My own parents. Followed quickly thereafter by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. 

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Considering who they were opening up to about any issues they may have going into marriage, both Jessa and Ben were really candid with ma and pa Duggar. Ben was quick to admit that he and Jessa have ALREADY had several disagreements.

Fights are a totally necessary normal and healthy part of any romantic relationship, so I wasn't particularly thrown by this reveal. I was thrown when Jessa said that there were several issues that they were never going to see eye to eye on.

I kind of wish that the Duggars had encouraged the kids to really talk about those things together rather than just brush them under the rug. Because the shit you shrug off early in a relationship can fester if it's left unaddressed. Ben and Jessa seem happy enough now, but I smell trouble brewing ahead. 

What words of wisdom would you give a newly engaged couple?


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