'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Yolanda Foster Is a Saint

real housewives of beverly hills

Remind me never to go to Amsterdam, even if the trip is being hosted by the glamorous mother-to-Gigi-and-Bella clog-wearing Amazonian Yolanda Foster. Don't you kind of wish she was your best friend? Sorry Alex and Jesse -- you've been replaced by a tall Lyme Disease stricken woman whom I have never met. It's been real. 


This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda once more put her Dutch wisdom to use. That's right: She taught everyone how to grow tulips. But for real, she's the only 'wife who has managed to stick by Brandi Glanville without once losing her cool and I think Brandi is all the better for it. Like I said - HIT THE ROAD MY ACTUAL TWO BEST FRIENDS. I kid! I kind of get the get the feeling that as cool as Yolanda is she wouldn't support me staying up all night to play video games nor would she happily spend the day trolling Burlington Coat Factory (where they have, it would seem, MUCH more than great coats). 

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After their trip, Brandi was feeling vulnerable while getting a 14K gold facial. That is a thing that I have typed in all earnestness. Moving on. Back in Europe, one tiny face slap to the face of Madame Vanderpump had everyone else clutching their body-conscious cocktail dresses in horror. As Brandi pointed out, this was kind of ridiculous given that the day before Lisa Rinna had hurled an actual glass at Kim Richards' hilariously nonplussed face. 

Brandi was right: It wasn't fair that she was being set upon by these harpies once again! She was reduced to tears while talking to Yolanda about this. But that was probably because facials are MAD painful, and also her father was in the hospital with heart trouble. 

Yo was as real with Brandi as she's always been, giving her solid advice. She reminded Brandi that the women don't go after her for "being herself", they go after her for physically attacking them over and over and over again. I think Yolanda is honestly the only 'wife Brandi listens to and with good reason. Yo never loses her cool or gets pissy or storms off. She is calm and direct and patient with her friend understanding that a lot of her anger comes from a sense of abandonment. Their relationship is not unlike that between me and my cat Rumi. Though hopefully Yolanda spends considerably less time trimming the hair around Brandi's anus.

Which RHOBH would you pick to be your bestie?


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