Amber Portwood's Dramatic Weight Loss Is Pretty Impressive

Amber Portwood

There's really no better incentive to whip yourself into shape than the promise of looking your best in a wedding dress, which is why we shouldn't be all that surprised that Amber Portwood has been trying to lose weight over the past 6 months.


Even though she indicated in September that she was attempting to take off the pounds for the Teen Mom reunion show, we can't help but wonder whether her engagement to Matt Baier served as a driving force for her efforts as well.

And based on the update she shared on Twitter in regards to her progress, it looks like Amber has really slimmed down.

Whoa -- 20 pounds? She should be incredibly proud of herself for committing to a healthier lifestyle.

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And while she indicates that she is only halfway through her journey, we gotta give her props for making it this far. The hardest part of any diet is staying on track, and if she's been able to stick to it for 6 months, certainly she can hang in there for as long as it takes to reach her goal.

She's truly come a long way in just about every aspect of her life, to the point where there's nothing she can't accomplish if she puts her mind to it. Way to go, Amber!

Are you proud of how Amber has turned her life around?


Image via Amber Portwood/Facebook

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