Jenelle Evans' Plans for Nathan Griffith Have Us Seriously Worried

What in the world is Jenelle Evans thinking? It seems as though not even a court order banning Jenelle and her fiance Nathan Griffith from communicating can keep them apart. The no contact order was lifted on Monday, and given the sappy love note exchanges on social media, it looks like Jenelle and Nathan are getting back together again.


That's assuming the Teen Mom 2 stars even broke up, of course. It's hard to tell what's what with those two -- they don't exactly have calm personalities. They could've broken up with all the yelling they've done at each other on Twitter, or those could've just been fights.

What we do know is that Nathan was order by a judge not to contact Jenelle, after he was arrested for criminal domestic violence. Apparently, he pinned Jenelle to the toilet and forcibly removed the engagement ring he gave her just two months ago in St. Thomas.

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According to a source who told RadarOnline, "Jenelle got some good news ... lawyer just told her that the no contact order will be lifted..." They continued, "The state filed the charges -- not Jenelle."

This presumably means that Jenelle didn't want Nathan arrested. In fact, if rumors are to be believed, Jenelle may even be trying to the charges dropped, in addition to having their no contact order lifted.

"A victims advocate group reached out to Jenelle and told her that they are sending her a packet in the mail," the source revealed. "Jenelle is supposed to send the packet back stating if she has any medical expenses that need to be reimbursed."

"Jenelle is also supposed to check a box that asks her if she wants the charges against Nathan dropped," the insider continued. "She then has to write a statement about why ... Jenelle plans to do that as soon as possible and send it back to the victims advocate group."

Look, we love a good love story as much as the next person, but dang, if Nate is being physically abusive, then he needs to get help for his anger management issues, and Jenelle needs to stay away from him while he does.

Instead, she's tweeting love notes for him. On Tuesday morning, Jenelle tweeted an old photo of Nathan shirtless, along with the caption,"[He] will continue to be mine forever." She since got a lick of sense and deleted it, but oyza.

As for Nate, he tweeted just a few days after the arrest, "Missing and always thinking about you..." He didn't specify that it was to Jenelle, but who else could he have been talking about?

If these two really want to try and make it work -- great. But they need some serious help if they want to create a healthy home life and stable emotional environment for Jace and Kaiser.

Do you think Jenelle should press charges agaist Nathan?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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