Chris Soules' Debut on 'Dancing With the Stars' Raises One Big Question

Chris Soules Witney Carson

Did you wind up tuning in for the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars last night? What am I saying? Of course you did, because duh -- we were all super curious to see how Bachelor Chris Soules would fare after trading in his work boots for dancing shoes.


And I think we can probably all agree that his Jive performance was a pleasant surprise. Who knew Chris actually had moves? Based on this first dance, his partner Witney Carson should be able to turn him into quite the performer, so it will be interesting to see what he brings to the table in the weeks to come.

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But while Chris proved he does have a sense of rhythm, who else was a bit confused by his comments about getting too close to Witney Carson physically?

Uhhhh ... host Erin Andrews was right on cue in asking him why he was even fazed by grinding up and down on another woman when he spent his weeks as The Bachelor sucking face with more chicks than we can count (25, give or take), so it just seems odd that he's playing the perfect gentleman card now that he put a ring on Whitney Bischoff's finger.

(Not that he's not a gentleman, but you know what I'm saying.)

Considering he spent the night in the fantasy suite with two other women and did God knows what with one of them, it's not like Whitney can really get upset with him for dancing with the other Witney, you know, since that's kind of the point of the show and all.

Again, it will be interesting to see how things play out from here, but hopefully Chris won't go all timid on us as far as shaking his moneymaker goes. We want to see him let loose, have fun, and show us just how (ahem) skilled he really is.

Do you think Chris' comments about being physical were odd?


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