'Long Island Medium' Recap: Theresa Caputo Is Dirtier Than You Thought!

theresa caputo

At this point, Theresa Caputo's personal life is almost more engaging than her miraculous ability to "communicate with spirit". 


This week on Long Island Medium, in their continuing celebration of marital love, she and her hubby Larry went back to the old oil office where they first met. The best thing about this? How totally weirded out all the office employees were that these two charming loud-mouths found revisiting a place over which the pall of fluorescent light was cast like a death shroud to be even remotely romantic. I lol'ed. You lol'ed. Probably. I don't know, I wasn't there, and I'm not a medium -- just don't tell the people who pay me the big bucks to conjure up their loved ones that or I will probably be jailed or at the very least publicly shamed. 

After chilling out the new office employees by communicating with someone's dead grandfather, Theresa and Larry continued their tour of the office. Spoiler alert: It looked a lot like pretty much every office I've ever been in. Except for my dermatologist's office. He's pretty cool and so there is an old TV playing shows from the 70s in the lobby and also a Pac Man machine. Moving on. 

Their tour did have one unexpected and sexy stop. In the coffee room they revealed that they used to slip away everyday to have a mini-make-out session. Please know that I am now going to call every time I go to have a cup a coffee a sexy stop from here on out. This is ironic, because by drinking so much coffee I will be making more trips to the bathroom which is the opposite of sexy - unless you are into poop. No judgment. 

It was cute to see where Larry and Theresa began, and even sweeter to see them revisit as adults and for a newly confident Theresa to share her gift in a place she probably never dreamed she would. More stories about Larry and Theresa making out please! 

Where did you meet your significant other?


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