Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff Cheating Rumors Are Really Heating Up

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff

Well? It's only been a few days since the finale of The Bachelor aired, and already Chris Soules and Whintey Bischoff are being subjected to rumors that they're a.) on the verge of a split, or b.) cheating on each other and "faking" their relationship in an effort to squeeze out a few extra minutes of fame.


And while every Bachelor/Bachelorette couple faces accusations about whether or not their relationship is the real deal, it definitely seems like these two have been hit extra hard.

According to the new cover of Life & Style, Chris and Whitney are "over," and one of the reasons is because Chris supposedly "slept with Whitney's best friend." (Yeah, ok.)

Life & Style magazine cover

Oh, and wait until you hear what an alleged source has told Celeb Dirty Laundry about the status of Chris and Whitney's engagement.

He/she says:

Whitney and Chris are just going through the motions. They know they aren't getting married, but they feel pressure to pretend that they are. Their relationship was over weeks ago, so I wouldn't exactly call it cheating, but they have definitely both been secretly seeing other people.

Ugh. Can't these two get through the first week as an engaged couple without being thrown to the wolves?

Ok, so it's not totally impossible to believe that they have a few issues to work out, given the fact that they haven't had a public relationship until now, and all of the buzz insisting that Chris only chose Whitney because he knew Becca Tilley would not commit to him.

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But do you honestly believe they'd not only cheat on each other and expect to get away with it, but be so bold as to move in together in L.A. while Chris films Dancing With the Stars? If they are truly "faking" their engagement, why would they want to shack up under the same roof? Wouldn't they drive each other crazy?

We really need to give it at least a few more months before we go making assumptions as to whether or not Whit and Chris will last for the long haul. In the meantime, let's go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt. They at least deserve that much, right?

Do you think Chris and Whitney are staying together for fame?


Images via; Life & Style

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