Jenelle Evans' Growing Family Just Got a Little Bigger (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

Maybe we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions, but based on a new photo that Jenelle Evans shared on Instagram, it looks like her little family just got a bit bigger in the wake of her presumed split from Nathan Griffith. Hey, nothing quite heals a broken heart like having a new little "baby" to love, right?


No, she's not pregnant again, thank God, but based on this new photo, it does look like Jenelle went out and got herself yet another furry friend to snuggle with.


A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

OMG. Cutest. Pup. EVER!

There's always the chance that this is a friend's dog, not Jenelle's, but if she did decide to add another pet into the mix? I guess we really can't blame her, given how lonely she must be feeling without Nathan around.

Whether you approve of their relationship or not, the two of them have been living together for quite some time and they were planning on getting married, so the breakup (if they really are separated, that is) has to be tough on Jenelle even if it's for the best.

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Hopefully this new pup will help her with the process of moving on, though something tells us that we probably haven't seen the last of Nathan and Jenelle's love story just yet.

Of course, if she did take the plunge and get another dog, she's bound to receive a fair amount of backlash for it, you know, since she's been accused of not properly caring for her animals in the past. Let's just hope she knows what she's gotten herself into and is fully prepared for the responsibilities that go along with bringing an additional pet into the house. It will be a real shame if she realizes she's in WAY over her head.

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Do you think Jenelle made a bad choice in getting antoher dog?


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