Maci Bookout's Baby Bump Is Really Getting Big! (PHOTO)

She finally popped! Maci Bookout showed off her baby bump with a cute new photo recently, and the Teen Mom star finally looks like she has a baby on board. Maci is due in June, and expecting a little girl with her long time boyfriend Taylor McKinney.


Maci took some time to snap a pic for MTV, and she looks ridiculously adorable.

Is she glowing or what? Maci is just at the beginning of her third trimester, and she is already all baby. We can imagine that Taylor and big brother Bentley have been offering plenty of belly rubs!

The soon-to-be-mom-of-two recently stopped in with Teal TV to talk about how much she's grown since she found out she was pregnant with her son at 16. Mainly, she's finally learned the importance of taking care of herself.

"Even though Bentley is my number one priority and being a mom is what my job is, [I'm] really learning to love myself and to put myself [at] the top of my priority list too," she shared. "Going through some of the relationships and stuff that I've been through, and being a single mom, you really have to love yourself in order to be the best you can be in all aspects of your life. So, I definitely think making sure that you keep yourself a priority is probably one of the most important things I've learned."

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We can't help but think that one of those relationships she's talking about is the one with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. Bentley's dad has been in and out of the picture since his birth. Since he couldn't even care for his own child, how the heck was he going to care for Maci?

But now Maci is taking care of herself, and she has an awesome boyfriend too! No wedding plans yet, but with her bun in the oven, they already make one adorable little family.

Do you think Maci's bump finally popped?


Images via Maci Bookout/Instagram & MTV

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