Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff Suddenly Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff

Wow. That was fast. It's barely been 24-hours since they've officially been a "public" couple, and already Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are planning on moving in together, a step in their relationship which could wind up making or breaking it for sure.


Ok, so technically this isn't a permanent arrangement just yet, as they'll kick things off by shacking up together in L.A. while Chris films Dancing With the Stars.

(OMG. Can you even imagine how sweaty he's going to be when he comes home from rehearsals? Let's hope the place has his and her bathrooms.)

Of making such a huge leap, Whitney told People:

I'm excited! One of the hardest things of all this was being separated, so it will be nice to be together finally.

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While she's not ready to pick up and move to Iowa just yet (can we really blame her?), who else thinks "living" together for as long as Chris lasts on the show is probably the best thing they can do to see if a marriage is really going to work between them?

Sure, they insist they're "soul mates" and are meant for each other and all that jazz, but the best way to figure out whether that's truly the case is to be with each other 24/7, where they can see all of each other's quirks and habits, both the good and the bad.

And while we could take the fact that Whitney isn't ready to live in Arlington just yet as a red flag, maybe she's simply waiting to see how things in L.A. go before taking the plunge? After all, if she realizes she can't stand Chris after sharing an apartment rented by ABC for a few weeks, she's certainly not going to be able to tolerate him back on the farm. Hey, a dude's tractor is only sexy if you're still attracted to it when it's broken down. (Or something like that.)

Don't you think it's a pretty smart decision for her to take things slow instead of putting the cart before the horse?

(Ok, I'll stop with the farm jokes now.)

Do you think Chris and Whitney will last?


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