'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Michelle Duggar's Dangerous Past Will Surprise You

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

It's easy to think of 19 Kids & Counting matriarch Michelle Duggar as something of a saint -- but that wasn't always the case. 


This week's installment of the hit TLC show delved into Michelle Duggar's past and it was quietly the greatest. While I still remained unconvinced that she and I would have been besties back in the diz-ay, I can at least honestly say that I would found her deeply entertaining. The woman had a pet spider for goodness sake. Additionally, she was a veritable anti-bully crusader! I'm picturing a fusion of Winona Ryder's character in Heathers and....anyone who is Arachnophobia, I guess?

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It's not a secret that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar didn't start off living the sort of ultra-religious life they lead now. They are both very comfortable talking about their racy beginnings. To be clear, their version of "racy" makes my Monday night look like backstage at Motley Crue concert circa 1986. Only my hair is not as dope as Bret Michaels' hair. ANYWAY. MOVING ON.

Michelle revealed this week that when she was in high school she used to "have a bad habit of throwing up her food" after she ate. Michelle. That's not a bad habit. That is bulimia and it is deadly. To be fair to Michelle, I don't think she MEANT to gloss over the incident - she did go on to say she knows just how harmful it was to her health.

While it's great to see that the religion she practices helped her find a missing sense of self-worth, that isn't always the answer for everyone suffering with an eating disorder. TLC would have been wise to be more proactive in talking options for those suffering. 

What surprised you most about teenage Michelle?


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