Baby Novalee Helps Catelynn Lowell Celebrate Her Bday in Sweet New Photo

Oh my gosh, we cannot get enough of Novalee Reign Baltierra, the newborn daughter of Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. Which is why we're thrilled to see a new picture of Nova, helping Cate celebrate her birthday!


Ty and Cate have been keeping photos of Novalee on the DL, so we're basically thrilled with every single one of them. This one is particularly awesome though, because it also features a very special person in the reality stars' lives.

That's Dawn Baker, the adoption counselor that the couple worked with five years ago, when they decided to give their firstborn daughter Carly to adoption. Dawn has been there to help them with their open-adoption relationship with Carly's parents, Brandon and Teresa David.

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It is so sweet to see that Dawn is also a part of their new little girl's life, helping "Momma Bear" Catelynn ring in her birthday (she'll be 23 on March 12, just for the record).

And can we please talk about how cute baby Novalee is? This photo is blurred where her sweet face is, but we can still see her chubby little cheeks and perfectly shaped head. Besides, with her parents, how could she not be adorable?

But the best part of the photo might be the looks on Catelynn's and Tyler's faces. They looks totally and completely content to be parents. After we watched them struggle with missing Carly over several seasons of Teen Mom, it's awesome to see them finally have a baby of their own to raise.

Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Novalee soon!

Are you surprised that Tyler and Catelynn still have such a great relationship with their adoption counselor?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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