Becca Tilley's Odd Comment Is Another Punch in the Gut for Chris Soules

Becca Tilley

Hmm. As the limo pulled away from the big red barn in Iowa, exactly no one was surprised at Becca Tilley's lack of emotion over Chris Soules dumping her in favor of proposing to Whitney Bischoff. She simply wasn't in love with him. Hell, at times it almost seemed like she didn't even like him, so we all kind of breathed a sigh of relief when he didn't pick her.


And not surprisingly, Becca reacted to Chris' final decision in an interview on earlier today. While most of what she had to say is pretty predictable, she went and threw this really weird comment into the mix that has the potential to make Chris feel pretty rejected by her all over again.

I knew going into the day that I wasn't going to be able to say what Chris needed to hear for him to choose me. I was preparing myself the night before for what was going to happen.

I wished I could have told him what he needed to hear. But it would have been unfair of me. With him sitting there, begging me, it would have been so easy for me to just be like, 'Okay, I am in love with you.' But if I lied about how I was feeling, it was just going to be a disservice to us when it was all over.

Whitney was one of my best friends on the show. I love her and I think he is a wonderful guy. They're very well matched. I hope [we'll keep in touch]. Maybe if I start dating someone we can go on double dates!

Um, excuse me? She wants to double date with Whit and Chris? Good grief. If listening to the poor dude practically beg her to throw him a bone as far as whether or not she saw a future with him goes wasn't bad enough, now she wants to go out for burgers and shakes with him and his new fianceé and her new boyfriend and OMG -- am I the only one who thinks she's crossed a bit of a line here?

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Maybe if it had been more than a few hours since Chris' decision was revealed, her words wouldn't sting as much. But given how in love Chris was with Becca just weeks ago, it just seems like she gave him an unnecessary reminder of the fact that she really just wasn't that into him.

Hopefully being with Whitney and attending a gazillion media appearances and events is keeping Chris distracted for the time being so he won't get wind of what she had to say. Even though he's an engaged man, something tells me it's going to take a little bit longer to fully get over the woman he really wanted.

Do you think Becca was out of line?


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