Nathan Griffith Cheating Allegations Keep Getting More Disgusting

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

While we haven't totally ruled out a reconciliation between the two of them, it really is starting to appear as though Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are over for good after his latest arrest for domestic violence. The police report indicates that Nathan pinned Jenelle to the toilet and forcibly removed her engagement ring from her finger after they got into a fight, which allegedly began because Nathan was unfaithful.


And if new details about who Nathan Griffith supposedly cheated on Jenelle with are true, we can't blame her for freaking out and wanting to end things.

According to RadarOnline, Nathan bragged about having an affair with an "old friend" from Virginia to another pal. Apparently the two of them would meet at a hotel in North Carolina, and what started out as an "innocent" massage turned into "drunk sex." (Hey, one thing usually leads to another ...)

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And then Jenelle allegedly realized Nathan was talking to this chick via SnapChat, and everything went directly into the shitter, so to speak. But honestly, if he really was cheating on her, who can blame Jenelle for flying off the handle?

They just had a baby together and got engaged like 10 seconds ago, so you'd think it would've taken at least a year or two for Nathan to start hooking up with other women. From everything we can tell, Jenelle has done everything in her power to get her life back on track, so it's hard not to feel bad for her now that everything is crashing down in front of her.

Shouldn't this be one of the happiest times in her life as opposed to one of the most unstable and traumatic?

That being said, any sympathy we're offering her will promptly be taken off the table should she choose to get back together with Nathan and start this vicious cycle all over again.

There comes a point in every woman's life when she has to realize what is best for her and her kids and what her heart truly desires might be two different things, and there's really only one clear choice as to which one takes priority over the other.

Do you think Nathan cheated?


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