Kaitlyn Bristowe & Britt Nilsson's 'Bachelorette' Deal Is More Unfair Than We Thought

Kaitlyn Bristowe Britt Nilsson

After Chris Harrison dropped the bomb on the "After the Final Rose" show last night letting us know that both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson will be The Bachelorette, you could seriously hear a pin drop, to the point where the announcement almost seemed like a joke. We all sort of stared in disbelief while scratching our heads over how this process is going to work with not one, but two leading ladies.


While he's usually pretty clear as far as delivering messages goes, Chris made it kind of tough for us to figure out whether Kaitlyn and Britt will both have the chance to date the 25 men in the house for the entire season, or whether the men will pick which woman they'd rather date.

And based on this tweet put out by the official account for The Bachelor, it looks like we have our answer.

Ahh. There's always a catch, people! There aren't really going to be two Bachelorettes, since one of them will wind up being rejected by 25 freakin' guys and sent home in a limo while the other has the pleasure of dating them and knowing they thought she was way hotter than the other chick. (Oh come on. Nobody thinks with their heads on night one.)

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As much as we hate to even say it, this scenario is probably going to prove to be a win for Britt and a loss for Kaitlyn, that is unless the 25 dudes who wind up being cast have watched the show and have seen how cool, real, and down to earth Katilyn is.

Britt definitely has a way of manipulating men to get what she wants, so odds are good she'll put on quite the display to ensure that none of these guys will dare to send her packing. Just look at how much she cried like a baby on the "Women Tell All" special! She'll be bawling like crazy if she thinks any of these men might go for Kaitlyn over her, to the point where some of them may crack at the last minute just to avoid upsetting her.

Hmm. I wonder if the women will know which of the guys voted for them before the process continues with just one of them as The Bachelorette? Things could prove to be pretty entertaining if that's the case. Think about it for a second. Hypothetically, let's assume that Britt will wind up scoring the most votes. Um, the dudes who vote for Kaitlyn won't stand a chance in hell of getting past the next week, since Britt will pout and stomp her feet over the fact that they weren't initially as into her as they were into Kaitlyn.

Huh. Doesn't this have the potential to make the show a total disaster?

Ugh. ABC should really consider having Bachelor viewers and fans make the final choice before the first night, otherwise they could wind up with a real nightmare of a show on their hands. Stay tuned.

Who do you think the guys will choose?


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