'Bachelor' Finale Recap: Chris Soules Is Engaged but Something Seems 'Off'

Chris Soules

OMG. How bittersweet was the finale of The Bachelor?!? On the one hand, we're so happy for Chris Soules, you know, because he found himself a nice gal to take back to Iowa and live happily ever after shucking corn (or whatever), but then again, it's always a bummer when the season is over. What do we have to look forward to now? (Oh, right. Dancing With the Stars.)


After seeing his respective meet the fam and "last chance" dates with Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley, we really have to feel for the poor guy.

OMG. Whitney aced her "interview" with his family and it's SO obvious that she's ready to move to Iowa, settle down, make babies, and basically be adopted by the Soules' clan with zero hesitation. She's literally the girl of his dreams even if it's only on paper.

And Becca? Um, he is so crazy about her he can't even see straight, but as his sister pointed out, he went on The Bachelor to find a wife, not a girlfriend. But good grief -- who else thinks she deserves a hell of a lot of credit for sticking to her guns and insisting that she isn't going to give up her life for a man until she's good and ready? (Damn. Wish I'd had that much sensibility when I was her age.)

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When it came down to taking the plunge and proposing to someone, however, we aren't the least bit shocked that he chose Whitney. I mean ... DUH. The whole "is she gonna say yes" thing never even came into play. (He probably only needed one stick of deodorant that night.)

But as happy as they seemed during and after the proposal, don't you sort of feel like he settled for her in a way? Like he knew Becca would never get to the point where she'd pick up and move to Arlington, so he figured Whit was the safer choice -- which she clearly was. Let's just hope he makes peace with his decision and doesn't pull a Mesnick and change his mind.

On a lighter note, if they truly are in love and manage to last for the long haul, don't you think they'll make the most gorgeous blond-haired, blue-eyed babies? Let's hope the two of them actually last long enough for her to wind up barefoot and pregnant in Chris' amazing kitchen back in Arlington. It will be such a shame if they turn out to be yet another Bachelor couple who can't survive in the "real" world.

(And OMG -- that Neil Lane ring is bangin' ... am I right?)

Do you think Chris and Whitney will get married?


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