'Long Island Medium' Season Premiere Recap: Theresa Caputo Breaks Down

theresa caputo

Every episode of TLC's hit show Long Island Medium can make a believer out of the biggest skeptic. 


Talking to ghosts and helping families come to a place of closure with their long-gone loved ones? That's some heavy shit, if you'll pardon my good ol' fashioned Anglo-Saxon language. Luckily, Long Island's own blond-bouffant wearin' Theresa Caputo usually tackles the entire thing with a sense of panache and a love of laughter that the show manages to be uplifting instead of a total bummer. 

That didn't work for me this week -- the stories were all too sad! Particularly one couple who were still grieving for their dead baby son who was run over and killed accidentally by his own mother. The episode tried to keep it light after this gutting session with Theresa by talking about her first time zip-lining with her daughter. But frankly, I was too unsettled by the encounter of this family and Teresa to really feel up for laughing at the woman's goofy antics. 

None of this is to imply in anyway that Theresa was incentive to the family in question. No way! It was quite the opposite. I mean, let's be real about it. Teresa has to hear gut-wrenching stories on the regs, she's used to it and while she's always sensitive, she can keep a professional and kind distance. That wasn't the case with the sad story of this family. While she was able to provide them with comfort, hearing their story was almost too much for Theresa to hear and she totally broke down. Even the biggest hair and sharpest acrylic nails can't make that light-hearted. 

What was your favorite part of tonight's episode?


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