Farrah Abraham Disses 'Teen Mom' Co-Stars in the Most Ridiculous Way

Farrah Abraham

If there was any hope of her calling a truce with her co-stars now that the new OG season of the show is getting ready to kick off, it's probably gone for good, now that Farrah Abraham slammed the other Teen Moms in an effort to make herself out to be some sort of model parent.


While pimping out promoting her tell-all book, My Teenage Dream Ended, Farrah took to Twitter to point out that while she is pictured with daughter Sophia on the cover of her book, the other gals chose not to include photos of their children on their tell-alls.

Um, seriously? Did it ever occur to her that they'd rather not have the image of their kids out there on store bookshelves across the country for everyone to see?

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I know she's had her fair share of differences with the other girls and all, but how can she possibly call them out for opting not to exploit their kids? I mean, sure, the children are a huge part of their story, so it's understandable why Farrah chose to have Sophia's picture featured. But it's not like the other women are doing anything wrong or shady by going the opposite route, so why does she have such a problem with it?

Slamming them for these book covers just goes to show how insecure Farrah truly is, even though she puts on a confident, tough girl act most of the time.

Sigh. We probably won't ever see the day when she is best friends with Catelynn, Maci, and Amber, but man, let's hope she can at least lay off the insults going forward to avoid any more conflict. Doesn't she have enough of that in her life already?

Do you think Farrah's tweet was mean?


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