Truth Behind Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith's Fight Is Worse Than We Expected

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

In the wake of Nathan Griffith's arrest and alleged assault on Jenelle Evans, we can't help but be super curious as to a.) what brought on the fight that landed him behind bars and b.) whether the two of them will finally call it quits for good after the incident.


And it looks like both questions are fairly easy to answer based on a new report from E! Online

This probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise, but a source claims that Nathan has been cheating on Jenelle, which is likely what started their heated argument.

He/she says, "He's been talking to another girl for two weeks."

According the police report after Nathan's arrest, Jenelle is claiming that he pinned her down and forcibly removed her engagement ring from her finger, which is what prompted the cops to be called.

As for whether their relationship is over for good this time? Well, it definitely appears that way. The source also told E! the incident was "the last straw for Jenelle," and added, "It's over and she is looking for an apartment for her and the baby today."

Ugh. Say what you will about Jenelle, but it's hard not to feel pretty bad for her in this situation. She went from being happily engaged to her whole life falling apart in a matter of weeks, which we're assuming is not how she envisioned her future.

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And while we probably shouldn't rule out a reconciliation at this point given how many times Nathan and Jenelle have broken up and gotten back together in the past, she really ought to take a long hard look at the environment she's subjecting her kids to if she does choose to give Nathan "just one more" chance.

If she really wants to provide a stable home for them and have any shot at real happiness going forward, it's probably best for her to close this chapter of her life once and for all and focus on her career and her kids instead of worrying about a man. After all, she's only 23, so she has plenty of time to meet a decent guy down the road. Surely there are a lot more desirable fish than Nathan in the Myrtle Beach sea, right?

Do you feel bad for Jenelle?


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