Jenelle Evans' Account of Nathan Griffith's Alleged Assault Is Really Sad

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Ugh. After hearing the news this morning that Nathan Griffith was arrested and charged with domestic violence, we immediately assumed some sort of confrontation went down between him and Jenelle Evans. And unfortunately, it looks like we were right, as details from the arrest have leaked out.


According to the police report, Jenelle claims Nathan pinned her against the toilet in an attempt to remove her engagement ring from her finger. Apparently they'd gotten into some sort of a fight and he wanted the ring back, at which point Jenelle "went to the master bathroom and was sitting on the toilet when Nathan came into the bathroom and pinned her against the toilet and wrestled her for the engagement ring."

(I know. Sounds like a scene straight out of a reality TV episode.)

Supposedly Jenelle was left with a cut on her pinkie finger, although Nathan disputes her claim and says she willingly took the ring off and insists that he "never touched her."

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Oh, and apparently Jenelle has been staying in a hotel (for God knows how long) and came back to the house to pick up a few things, and that's when they started arguing.

OMG. If this incident doesn't mean their engagement is over for real this time, then nothing is going to tear these two apart.

I mean, would you stay with a dude who literally ripped your ring right off your finger?

Of course, we should also note that in addition to disputing Jenelle's allegations, Nathan also told police that she is the abusive one in the relationship, even going so far as to show them some sort of scars on his back. (Hmm. Who should we believe?)

The only people who truly know what did or did not happen between Jenelle and Nathan are the two of them, but one thing's for sure -- it's probably in their best interests to stay away from each other, at least for the time being.

Who do you believe, Jenelle or Nathan?


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