New Claim About Chris Soules' Final Decision Is Unsettling at Best (SPOILERS)

Becca Tilley Whitney BischoffWe're only a few days away from finding out once and for all whether Bachelor Chris Soules is engaged to Whitney Bischoff or Becca Tilley, and at this point, his decision could definitely go either way. He really doesn't appear to have a stronger connection with one over the other, though we're assuming he will wind up getting down on one knee at the final rose ceremony. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!


But if you've been following Reality Steve's blog at all this season, then you know he's reporting that Chris proposes to Whitney, which definitely makes sense based on how adamant she's been about the fact that she's ready to settle down and start a family.

And while it's pretty clear that Chris has strong feelings for her, their chemistry is a little bit hard to read, which is raising questions over whether Chris decided to ask for Whitney's hand in marriage for the right reasons.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chris picked Whitney because she looks good on paper, not because she's his soul mate, or whatever.

A Bachelor insider allegedly said:

When we were filming The Bachelor, it wasn't like Chris was looking for the woman of his dreams. He was looking for a decent woman who was willing to give up her life and move to a farm in the middle of Iowa cut off from civilization. There were a lot of girls that Chris had obvious feelings for, but he cut them loose earlier in the season because he knew that they would never move to Iowa.

Hmm. Really? The only reason he winds up with Whitney is because she's comfortable with the idea of living in the middle of nowhere? While this little theory isn't totally impossible to believe, simply because of how insecure Chris is about Arlington, it just seems hard to imagine him actually proposing to Whitney if he isn't truly crazy about her.

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Why would he bother putting himself through the humiliation of being one half of yet another failed Bachelor couple? I suppose there's always the chance that he figured she was a safe bet and then got caught up in the moment and found himself down on one knee, but he just seems like the type of guy who would never dream of leading a woman on, which is exactly what this insider is suggesting.

And aside from potentially hurting her feelings, Chris certainly isn't doing himself any favors if he's merely "settling" for Whitney because she says and does all the right things. If their relationship isn't real now, it doesn't bode well for their future as a married couple.

Do you think Chris is truly in love with Whitney?


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