Nathan Griffith Arrested & Charged With Domestic Violence

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Well? We might want to go ahead and revisit the rumors about their engagement being over -- and possibly for good this time. Nathan Griffith was arrested and charged with domestic violence yesterday, and while we don't know too many details about what led to him being locked up, we can probably assume Jenelle Evans is involved somehow.


According to US Weekly, Jenelle skipped a court meeting regarding custody of Jace in order to attend a couple's counseling session with Nathan, so it's hard not to wonder whether something went amiss after their visit to the therapist.

We probably shouldn't speculate too much about what went down until Jenelle releases more details (if she ever does), but it's pretty safe to say that things aren't looking promising as far as their relationship standing the test of time goes.

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Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but doesn't it seem like everything kind of went in the shitter for these two like 10 seconds after they got engaged?

They were doing so well and seemed to be headed on the right track to settling down and living happily ever after, but the minute that diamond was brought into the picture, everything changed.

And as much as we'd love to see them work things out for the sake of Kaiser and Jace, it almost seems as though they feed off each other's negativity, or something, to the point where they may ultimately have to go their separate ways.

Even though the last thing either of them wants to do is admit they just aren't a good fit for each other, they need to think about what needs to be done to ensure that the kids have a stable, loving home and a healthy environment to be raised in. If that means splitting up? So be it.

Are you surprised that Nathan was arrested?


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