Chris Soules' Spot on 'Dancing With the Stars' Is Reportedly Confirmed

Chris Soules

Yes!! If you were already feeling a little bummed out over The Bachelor coming to an end, then I have good news. Us Weekly has confirmed that Chris Soules will be on Dancing With the Stars Season 20, so it looks like we have several more weeks of watching our hunky farmer to look forward to! (Unless he's voted off right away, of course.)


Supposedly he's been in talks with producers for weeks to discuss what being on the show entails.

And it also sounds like our favorite hunk is a little nervous about trading in roses for dancing shoes. A source says:

He seems like he's not totally sure what he's getting himself into. It will be fascinating to see how well he does.

(Yes. Fascinating, indeed.)

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Ever since host Tom Bergeron teased the Season 20 mystery contestant's identity, we were pretty sure it was going to wind up being Chris, given the big clue he gave us. When asked why Witney Carson's partner was not in attendance at the big GMA reveal, he said, "He couldn't rose, I mean rise, early enough."

And while we did have the pleasure of catching a glimpse of his moves during his time on The Bachelor, it will definitely be interesting to see him dance in this kind of capacity, plus it will be fun to watch him be on the competition side of the equation again.

Who knows? He may just wind up having way more rhythm than we ever imagined!

Will you root for Chris on DWTS?


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