Jenelle Evans' Custody Battle Over Jace Is Far From Over

And here we thought the custody battle between Jenelle Evans and her mom Barbara was over. Last we heard, Jenelle was planning to take full custody of Jace, her firstborn whom she gave up to her mama so she could continue her partying ways.


Jenelle has certainly turned her lifestyle around, and seems more than capable of raising Jace from here on out. But her past continues to haunt her.

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According to the gossip mill, Jenelle is planing to take her mom to court for full custody of Jace. Once upon a time, Jenelle signed away her rights as a mom to her own mom, because she was too busy having fun to parent her little boy.

Jenelle seems to be on the straight and narrow, what with her nursing school, mostly on-again boyfriend, and her new baby, Kaiser. Everything seems to be setting the stage for her to take full custody of Jace back.

But it looks like Babs is unwilling to let go. A source told Radar Online that even though "Jenelle feels good about it," Barbara doesn't want to give Jace up. According to the source, Jenelle has been having problems seeing Jace recently, because Barbara has been being difficult about his schedule.

Jenelle isn't backing down though. According to the same source, once she's gotten more visitation from Babs, she believes that custody is "the next step."

We really thought that Barbara was all for her daughter regaining custody of Jace, so this is slightly surprising. But regardless, we hope that these two ladies can put Jace's best interests to heart.

Do you think Jenelle should regain custody of Jace?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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