Chris Harrison's Confession About 'The Bachelorette' Is Too Good to Be True

Chris Soules Chris Harrison

Odds are good that we won't know the identity of the new Bachelorette until the "After the Final Rose" special airs on Monday, but the general consensus seems to be that either Britt Nilsson or Kaitlyn Bristowe will land the gig. And while both of them would likely draw in a good deal of viewers, aren't you kind of sick and tired of seeing past contestants get another shot at love?


I mean, yeah, there's a certain familiarity factor in watching someone we "got to know" on a past season, but remember when The Bachelor kicked off each new season with fresh blood? Man. Those were the days. It was just so entertaining to see someone brand new, looking for the love of his life as opposed to someone who is already used to having cameras film his quest for love.

But believe or not, there is a chance that things could take a fresh approach of sorts in the future. Chris Harrison admits that there's a possibility that a celebrity could be The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, which would be such a refreshing change, it's almost a shame if it doesn't happen.

He told TMZ:

I do think we could loosen it to find an athlete or celebrity. It would have to be the right person, because you have to believe and trust the fact that this is sincere. And that this person really wants to meet somebody and find somebody special.

Hmm. Who could we trust, and who would we want to see?

The Bachelor seems like a much tougher call, well, because there really aren't very many eligible dudes in Hollywood who would be someone fans would want to root for. (Seriously. All the good ones are taken.)

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But as for The Bachelorette? How about Taylor Swift? She's already been through the celeb crowd, so bringing in 25 normal guys just might be a good option for her as far as finding lasting love goes. Or how about Jennifer Lopez? Sure, she's kind of over the mid-30s cutoff they typically use for leading ladies, but if nothing else, it would be amazeballs to see her wardrobe for the entire season. Ooo! What about Katie Holmes? She's single, sweet, gorgeous, and definitely has the "I was married to a crazy dude" thing in her past going for her, so she could prove to be a pretty decent Bachelorette.

Nah, you're probably right. Those women are all way "above" this sort of thing. If they want get anyone remotely famous for the gig, they're probably going to have to stick to reality stars. So, chicks from past seasons. Like Britt or Kaitlyn.

Wait, what?

What celeb would you like to see as The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?


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