Was Kim Richards Lying About Lisa Rinna's Husband's Secret?


In the past few episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna has been on a mission to expose/help/address Kim Richards' sobriety -- and it's hard to blame her; how Kim went off on Lisa in the car a few weeks ago? Totally unnecessary and totally weird. On Tuesday's ep, everything came to a head when Kim threatened to "expose" Harry Hamlin, Lisa's husband -- and Lisa lost it. And now, it's being reported that at the RHOBH reunion taping, the two women got into a heated argument over this again.


According to Radar Online, Lisa went after Kim for eluding to the fact that Hamlin has some serious skeletons in his closet that she could expose. A source said, "Andy Cohen asked Kim what the secret is, and Lisa pounced on her. Kim refused to answer, and revealed absolutely nothing, which disgusted Lisa." They continued, "She knew all along there was no deep dark secret. She went off on Kim, accusing her of trying to detract attention from her struggle with sobriety. It was an incredibly selfish and desperate stunt."

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While it has to be beyond frustrating for Kim to have her sobriety questioned -- particularly, someone you're not super close with -- that's a pretty tasteless move on Kim's behalf. She wasn't going after Lisa there. She was going after her family. Not cool.

It seems like ever since Kim teamed up with Brandi, she's been super volatile and quick to start fights with people. Yeah, maybe Lisa should have toned it down with all the sober talk (and not thrown a glass), but Kim seems way more aggressive than usual these days. Where did this side of her come from?

Despite Lisa and Kim burying the hatchet (sort of) on Tuesday, it doesn't sound like these two women will ever get along. And that's too bad, because initially, it really seemed like Lisa was just trying to help.

Whose side are you on?


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