'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim Richards Is Out of Control!

real housewives of beverly hills

Oh man. If you thought last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a study in awkward, you ain't seen nothing yet. This week was the second half of the girls' trip to Amsterdam and it took no time at all for things to get insane. And by things I mean Kim Richards. 


Kim Richards completely lost her cool with Lisa Rinna and it was like watching nuke go off. I hid beneath my desk just like the videos say but I'm still pretty sure there were no survivors. As the faithful fans of this season know, Lisa's been exceptionally open and honest and actively concerned about Kim's mental and physical health. Coming from a family of addicts the behavior she saw from Kim was troubling and she did something no other housewife has done to date -- she directly and kindly approached Kim about it.

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But Kim, whether she has a problem or not, doesn't want to hear any of it. And, over a nice dinner in Amsterdam, when Lisa tried to explain and apologize to Kim and help her to understand where she is coming from, Kim went OFF. Kim turned into a hissing snake creature and decided to start slamming Lisa's husband, Harry Hamlin, who used to drink but no longer does. Kim claimed to have some knowledge about Harry that she threatened to unload if Lisa didn't butt out. This? Was not something Lisa was going to take lying down. She slammed a glass onto the table and it shattered. As the pieces of glass were dashed hither and thither, so were the ladies. 

The trip is now officially a hot mess. Poor Yolanda as hostess had to comfort a crying Lisa AND Eileen, while Kim refused to admit any wrongdoing. Kim's sobriety isn't something I can be the judge of. I can say that her behavior toward her sister and towards the people who only want to help her is absolutely monstrous. She should be on the next flight home. 

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