'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jim Bob Duggar Was So Irresponsible

19 kids and counting

When I think of Jim Bob Duggar, I think of the affable, patient, occasionally overly-excited patriarch of the massive clan that makes up the cast of 19 Kids & Counting. I don't think of a guy whose irresponsible actions could have potentially endangered his own life and those of others -- but that's exactly what almost went down on this week's episode. 


This week's episode really focused on John David Duggar, who, at 25, is under a lot of scrutiny these days. Will he start courting a would-be bride? Between his work on the farm and on the police force, he's certainly got a lot to offer a lady - plus his dimpled chin is pretty adorbs. 

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Jim Bob went out for a ride-along with John David during one of his shifts as a member of the Tontitown police. It was sweet to see how excited he was to share his work-world with his dad, and it was equally sweet to see that Jim Bob was as excited as a little kid about getting a chance to ride in the front of a police car.

Unfortunately, that's not where his child-like behavior ended. When John David stopped the cruiser to assist another office making a stop, he instructed his dad to stay in the car. Why? To keep him safe, and to protect the other officers in case his father's appearance caused a disturbance. It made sense. But Jim Bob got out of the cruiser the SECOND John David was out of sight, and sashayed into the convenience store to buy snacks.

If Jim Bob was trying to be funny, he failed. Although I'd rather this be flawed grasp at humor rather than the other option - total idiocy. Here's hoping Jim Bob was just trying to make his serious son laugh. 

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