Catelynn Lowell's Latest Novalee Photo Is As Sweet As It Gets!

Catelynn Lowell

A few weeks ago, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra assured us that the first photo of their baby girl, Novalee, will be released at some point in the near future. We've been stalking checking their social media accounts every single day in the hopes of finally meeting their gorgeous addition, and luckily, Catelynn shared a little bit more of her with us yesterday.


Ok, so this isn't a shot of her precious face, which we're all dying to see, but I think you'll still agree that it's pretty over-the-top adorable. I mean, who doesn't absolutely melt over the pure cuteness of baby feet?

My world would be nothing without you Novalee and Carly... you both are my world... my pride and joy.....

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Ahhhh!! SO sweet, and we should probably go ahead and add that the engagement ring pictured is pretty amazing too.

Sure, we first caught a glimpse of it back at Christmas when Tyler gave it to Catelynn, but seeing it next to Nova's feet really brings out the bling bling factor, don't you think?

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But even though it's impossible to resist any tiny bit of Nova that Catelynn and Tyler are willing to share, aren't you getting a little impatient as far as the "big reveal" is concerned?

Come on, you two. Show us that baby already!

Did this photo make you melt?


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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