'Bachelor' Spoilers: Chris Soules' & Final Pick Rumored to Be on Verge of Breakup

Chris Soules

Can you believe we have less than a week to go before the finale of Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor? Man, this season really flew by, and quite honestly, it's a huge bummer to see it come to an end, what with the level of pure crazy this season's contestants brought to the table. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!


Um, I think we can all agree that the "Women Tell All" special was the most dramatic episode in the history of the show, given the fact that no one could get a word in edgewise. Seriously, the person in charge of casting this time around deserves a huge raise. He/she/they hit the nail right on the head.

But oddly enough, the final two women Chris ended up with are probably the most sane and stable out of the bunch. Come on, can you really find anything negative to say about Whitney Bischoff or Becca Tilley? They're both a good match for Chris, so it's tough to pick a favorite at this point in the game.

According to Reality Steve, Chris proposes to Whitney at the final rose ceremony, though it sounds like their relationship might already be hitting a rough patch of sorts.

During a recent live video chat, Steve said of Chris and Whitney's engagement:

My guess is they are doing the long distance thing until they decide if they actually do want to get married, which I don't think will happen.

Uhhhh, what? Didn't she recently quit her job at the fertility clinic, leading us all to believe she's getting ready to pack up and move to Iowa? Why on earth would she throw her career away like that if things were already turning sour between them?

Steve seems to think the only reason Whitney wound up being Chris' choice is because she "played the game correctly" and "came on the show to win," and if that's the case, I suppose the idea of the relationship already being over isn't all that impossible to believe.

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But it just seems odd for Whit to give up everything she's worked so hard for if she isn't totally sure that Chris is the one, so I'm not ready to buy into the idea of the engagement being over just yet.

Well, at least not for another couple of months, once she and Chris get past the post-season hype and his rumored appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Um, if they break up during his time in the ballroom, it certainly won't bode well for him taking home the mirror ball trophy.

(Priorities, people.)

Do you think Chris and Whitney are already over?


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