'Shahs of Sunset' Season Premiere Recap: Mike Has a Serious Problem

shahs of sunset

The Shahs of Sunset are back on Bravo, and they are ringing in the New Year in a way that's traditional for their clique -- by getting wasted and started massive feuds with new people over their sartorial choices. 


One of the best things about the show is just how real it feels. That's probably because in a world where Lisa Rinna has to pretend to be dear friends with Brandi Glanville, it's comforting as balls to see a real group of friends on television. That's also why Vanderpump Rules was so insanely watchable. It's all about that real drama, y'all. Somebody make me a top-shelf mimosas and start a small floor-fire for me to leap over: I'm here for it. 

But real friendships on TV, mean the airing of real drama on TV, and very often that real drama is steeped in a history that goes back a lifetime. That's right, yo: This ish is basically Shakespearean in scope. Homie don't play (I am the homie). On tonight's premiere Mike got ten drinks past drunk and decided to start a massive brawl with newcomer Asifa's boyfriend. 

If Mike's smart he'll blame his lame behavior on the a-a-a-a-lcohol. Not that this is a valid excuse really. He's a grown man, as his girlfriend pointed out, and should know better than to drink until he thinks stealing another man's suit jacket is acceptable behavior. Mike blamed his rage on Asifa, claiming that she talked smack about his penis. Which, lol. The best and fastest way of convincing a room full of people that you have a small penis is to get furious when someone says that you do and not let it go for the entire night. 

There was a lot of sassy talk about Mike's penis going on - but all of it was coming from MJ! And all of it was clearly in jest! I think Mike's issues with Asifa are about a whole lot more. I think this season we will probably dive into their ancient beef and as nasty as diving into someone's ancient beef sounds, I am down. 

What do you think is up with Mike this season?


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