'Bachelor Women Tell-All' Recap: Chris Soules Can't Hide From Brutal Confrontations

bachelor women tell all chris soulesWell, Bachelor Nation, was that Bachelor Women Tell All enough of a "wild ride" for ya?! Not so sure we can agree with Chris Harrison that this is the "most talked-about" season yet (come on, doesn't he say that about every season?), but it definitely has been heavy on the back-biting and jaw-dropping! And all the gloves came off tonight. Especially when it came to Carly Waddell facing off against Britt Nilsson.


Before Chris Harrison even had a chance to dive into his script for the night, Carly and Britt got into it. And it seemed like the majority of the women present had chosen one team or the other -- like Angie vs. Jen all over again!

Okay, not quite. Especially because the initial blow-up involved Britt asking Carly again and again why she pretended to be her friend if she was only going to go and throw her under the bus to Chris and then slam her to the cameras. Kiiinda fair. I mean, Carly's little lipsticked hand puppet was way HARSH.

But Team Carly was positive that the pixie-ish blond simply wanted to warn Chris about Britt's two-faced, "actress"-like tendencies. Team Britt believed she was genuine all along. The argument went on and on and in circles until Chris Harrison had to intervene and conclude that the sparring ladies would never see eye-to-eye.

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Well, we can all agree on that. As for whether or not Britt was there for the "right reasons"? Well, she told Chris it was love that brought her there, and she felt like she was thisclose to finding it with Prince Farming.

Once Chris H. managed to steer the show in a different direction, Kelsey Poe got the chance to defend herself against Ashley I. and the rest of her haters, but hasn't changed her tune about how the other women resented her for using "big words," blah blah blah.

Then, Ashley S. was pulled up on stage to talk about why she's so crazy and was crazy as ever. Though she explains her behavior by saying she was just handling all the wackiness of reality TV by being goofy, or something ... And oh, right, may end up on Bachelor in Paradise! That should be a barrel of laughs!

However, what I couldn't help but be glued to the screen for was Chris Soules' chats with Jade Roper and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who were both dismissed seemingly out of the blue -- Jade, after her hometown date and her confession about posing for Playboy, and Kaitlyn after a night in the Fantasy Suite in Bali. Both, understandably, wanted to know what the hell happened, because Chris really did seem to go from WAY hot to ice cold in a manner of hours with them both.

So did we get some sort of incredible revelation from the Bachelor? Ugh. No. He stuck to his same ol' song and dance. Sorry, Kaitlyn, chalk that whiplash-triggering split up to "the worst week of his life" and the fact that he was "literally falling in love with three women" and "there was never an a-ha moment."

But at least both women got apologies they deserved -- Jade for the word choice Chris used to describe her confession and what happened during the aftermath, and Kaitlyn for the way he failed to pull her aside before the rose ceremony.

Well, hold onto your hats, ladies! Something tells me we're gonna have to go through at least one more bumpy tractor ride before reaching Prince Farming's final rose ...

What did you think of tonight's WTA? Team Britt or Team Carly?


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