Jeremy Calvert Confirms Marriage Status to Leah Once & for All

Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

The question of whether or not they're going to wind up divorcing at some point in the near future has been a hot topic of discussion for months, but now it looks like we have a final answer as far as the status of Jeremy Calvert and Leah Calvert's marriage goes.


Since New Year's Eve, Leah has been insisting that everything is hunky-dory between them and that they have no intention of going their separate ways.

And if Jeremy's relationship status on Facebook is any indication, it looks like he's definitely in agreement with her. Drum roll please -- he's listed as "Married," as opposed to "Divorced," or "It's Complicated."

OMG. This is a pretty big declaration of love for Leah as far as Jeremy is concerned. He's a dude who seems to put a lot of weight into whatever his Facebook status reads at any given time, so it speaks volumes about where things with Leah are headed if he was willing to make that "big" of a jump.

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And while there's always the chance that things could turn sour between them again, let's hope this is a sign that all of the stress Leah has endured over the past year or so is finally starting to come to an end, and that she'll be back on the road to happiness in no time. She certainly deserves a break, and reconnecting with her husband is definitely a good starting point to turning things around.

Are you happy that Jeremy and Leah are working out their differences?


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