'Bachelor' Chris Soules' Final Pick Might Not Have Been His First Choice

Chris Soules

We're only one week away from finally learning who Chris Soules picks to be his wife at the end of The Bachelor, and quite honestly, he really can't go wrong with either Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff. They're both smart, sweet women who genuinely seem to love Chris for who he is, so it's not like he can make a bad decision with either of them.


But based on new rumors that are leaking out about how things go down at the final rose ceremony, it almost sounds as though Chris made his choice simply by default. Translation -- the poor dude basically got dumped.

A source allegedly told Us Weekly:

It really came down to a feeling. She just didn't feel it. He genuinely fell in love with both women. In terms of The Bachelor not being sure who to pick, they were probably the closest ever, but the runner-up wasn't as into him, so he didn't choose her.

Um, excuse me? Sooooo, basically he gave a ring to the woman he knew wouldn't leave him standing alone in a corn field in Arlington after a few weeks of living the reality that is Iowa as opposed to the woman he was truly in love with?

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Hmm. If that's really the case, we probably shouldn't bank on things working out for farmer Chris and his leading lady, you know, since it sounds like she was a consolation prize and was proposed to for the hell of it, or whatever. What if she gets wind of this and realizes that Chris more or less settled for her?

I don't care how head over heels she thinks she is for him -- there's no way she's going to want to marry him if she watches that final episode and realizes his heart truly lies with another. OMG. What if she comes out on stage and dumps him on the "After the Final Rose" special? That would definitely be about the most dramatic damn thing we've seen on the show since Jason Mesnick kicked Melissa Rycroft to the curb and decided he wanted Molly.

Stay tuned. Things could prove to be pretty interesting on the evening of March 9th!

Do you think Chris settled for his final pick?


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