'Sister Wives' Finale Recap: The Divorce Rocks The Family

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This week marks the end of the season for Sister Wives. To celebrate, Meri Brown and Kody Brown got divorced. 


Legally divorced, that is. While Meri and Kody were ending their marriage on paper so that he could legally marry his wife Robin and adopt her kids, they made it really clear that neither of them want this legal document to change they way they live their lives. I've got to say though, I'm surprised at how deeply this procedure effected them all -- except for Christine, but she is a special flower and nothing bums her out about polygamy. High five, girl, you got it all figured out.

Meri and Robyn spent a fair chunk of the episode crying about Meri's sacrifice. While I don't doubt that Robyn appreciated what Meri was doing for her, I definitely think she was faking some of those tears. Don't get me wrong, I think Robyn was intensely grateful, but I also think she was trying to have a reaction that would be pleasing to both her husband and her friend and fellow sister wife. I don't blame her for trying to be teary - Meri was in a state!

I was relieved to see that Robyn, Meri, and even Kody were all realistic about what divorce would mean. While nobody plans on ending their spiritual marriage, they still talked out what the divorce would mean, as well as the remarriage. It was touching, actually, to see usually confident Kody check in with Meri to make sure everything would continue to be okay between them.

It was even MORE touching to see Jennelle work so hard to try and process information that was so clearly upsetting to her. Jennelle doesn't like change - that's something I know I can identify with. She worried about what this would mean vis a vis her place in the family. It also made her feel insecure when it comes to her love life with Kody. I think she deserves a standing ovation for taking the time she needed to process this news and then to talk to Kody about it in a rational way. At the end of the day, while it's an awkward situation, what matters most is the best interest of the kids, and it's clear that every parent has that as their prime motivator. 

Do you think the divorce will change things for the Browns?


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