'SNL' & Dakota Johnson Joke About Kids Wanting to See '50 Shades' (VIDEO)

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With all the hype around Fifty Shades of Grey, parents have been faced with the dilemma on how to explain it to kids. And so Saturday Night Live tackled the teen curiosity with a skit ripe with innuendo featuring Dakota Johnson and a young fan interviewing her for the school newspaper.


With cast-member Kyle Mooney playing the awkward kid from the school newspaper interviewing Dakota during a press conference, he breaks it down to a simplistic view of one of the film's sexiest scenes. The scene where Christian Grey rubs an ice cube on Ana's body stopping at her breast can be be described by him as the "ice cube was cold!"


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Then the skit (my fave of the night) talks about what no one wants to talk about. Creepy old men watching the movie to ... let's say ... get off. The "kid" says that he was able to get into the movie Fifty Shades of Grey despite being too young because it was his dad/son bonding time. His dad took him on Friday, Saturday, and three times on Sunday. Oh my! Please say this hasn't happened IRL and only on SNL.

But then things get funny in an only if you read between the lines and have a dirty mind kind of way. And if you like Fifty Shades, chances are you will get this, too.

The "kid" talks to Dakota about popsicles, but she says her favorite dessert is pie. Then he asks her if she likes Woody or Buzz Lightyear better? She says Buzz.

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Get it? I'm not going to explain. You either think I'm bonkers or you had a chuckle -- high school style. The segment ends with a salacious spin on her answers with a newspaper headline that reads: "I Had Sex With Buzz!"

Good for her if she did!

Did you catch Dakota on SNL? What did you think?


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