Kailyn Lowry Takes Bold Action After Her Son Is Viciously Attacked Online

Kailyn Lowry

Being a reality star definitely comes with its fair share of perks and disadvantages, and obviously one of the more negative aspects is being subject to attack from random haters who have nothing better to do than dish out mean insults. But would you believe that some evil trolls went so far as to make fun of Kailyn Lowry's baby in regards to his appearance?


The pic that got everyone all fired up has since been taken down, but from what I can gauge from Twitter comments, it was a sweet shot of Lincoln with his hair in a ponytail, which brought out comments so insulting, I'm not sure it's even right to repeat them word for word.

In a nutshell, Kail got bashed for giving him a "girl" hairdo, because apparently some folks are appalled that she hasn't gotten him a haircut recently. One hater even went so far as to question Kail's sexuality, saying she is "confused," therefore she dresses her baby boy up like a girl. (Um, excuse me?)

Not surprisingly, Kail is pretty offended and hurt by the despicable comments she received, which is why she followed up with this Instagram post:


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Good grief. The poor woman doesn't even feel comfortable sharing pictures of her beautiful children anymore because there are people out there who are disgusting enough to spew all sorts of hate about them.

WTF is wrong with the world these days? Seriously. Between the entire damn Internet freaking out over the color of a stupid dress and a proud mom having her baby's appearance ripped to shreds, it almost makes me wish I'd lived before technology entered the picture.

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Yes, Kailyn agreed to live out a decent amount of her life in front of the cameras, but that does not give anyone the right to make derogatory remarks about her children, and anyone who does so should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

Odds are good that eventually Kailyn will get over the harsh criticism and will start sharing photos of her kids again, because her fans really do love seeing them grow and change as they get older. But as hard as it is, she might want to refrain from so much as glancing at the comment section, since there are folks who will stop at nothing to get a rise out of her in any way they can.

Do you feel bad for Kailyn?


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