'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: We Know Who Killed Lila Stangard

Ack! Who saw that ending coming? On Thursday night's episode of How to Get Away With Murder, we finally learned who killed Lila Stangard, the sorority girl who was found dead in the water tank in the pilot episode of the series.

Warning -- spoilers ahead!


I hadn't thought of it before, but when I sat down to watch tonight's episode, I would've put at least $10 on Annalise Keating being the murderer. I thought maybe there was a way that Lila had gotten to her and told her she was pregnant with Sam's baby, and well, we already know she's kind of ruthless. But murdery ruthless? Hey, stranger things have happened.

For the whole season we've been going on the premise that it was either Sam or Rebecca that killed Lila. Of course if Sam killed her, then that totally warrants the fact that the Keating 5 killed him and then covered it up with Annalise's help.

But if Rebecca killed her, and then they killed Sam to protect her from him ... what would it all mean?

The writers had something even more twisted in mind though ... it was Sam who had Lila killed, but he didn't do the killing. In a flashback, he met with Lila on the roof of the sorority house, and told her that he only loved her, and he was going to break it off with Annalise so that they could be together and raise their child.

Cut to next scene, and Sam's on the phone with someone saying he needs them to do that thing they talked about, and that person owes him. Cut back to Lila on the roof, and she is attacked and strangled by someone in black gloves. The camera pans around as she struggles for breath, and we see that Frank is the one who ultimately murdered Lila! Frank!

This raises so many questions about the nature of Frank and Sam's relationship, and how many skeletons are in Frank's closet, both figuratively and apparently literally. Or basement, as the case may be, because the episode wasn't over yet.

After the Keating 5 duct-tapped Rebecca in fear that she would go to the police with their involvement in Sam's death, Annalise took charge and held her captive in her basement. Toward the end of the episode, but before we found out who killed Lila, it looked like Rebecca had made her escape, and Annalise demanded to know which of her students had let her go.

Rebecca's boyfriend Wes seems to have some sort of nervous breakdown over the whole thing, but Annalise cradles his head in her lap and gets him to repeat over and over, "Sam killed Lila."

The final scene of the season finale was Frank and Annalise meeting in her basement, questioning each other over who did it ... did what? Were they still questioning Lila's death? Does Annalise know that Frank killed Lila on Sam's orders? Before we even have time to question all of that, the camera pans to the corner of the basement, and the show closes on the image of Rebecca's dead, lifeless face.

Holy crap, who killed Rebecca?? We're going to have to wait until next fall before we start unraveling that mystery ...

Who do you think killed Rebecca?


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