Kody Brown Reveals the Surprising Reason He Almost Ended 'Sister Wives'

Man, you'd think that after coming out the world as a polygamist, and then being chased from your home to Las Vegas by threats from law enforcement, Kody Brown wouldn't necessarily let a little bit of backlash get to him. But in an upcoming TLC special, Kody reveals the surprising thing that almost had him calling it quits on Sister Wives.


It's been five years since we met the Brown family, which now includes Kody, his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and their 17 collective children, but it wasn't until this year that Kody claims he'd had enough of the cameras in his life.

In January, Kody landed himself in some hot water with Sister Wives viewers, after he made some disparaging remarks about his third wife's PMS. After an argument with Christine, he refused to accept any responsibility and instead blamed her raging PMS-y, hormones for the whole thing.

On a special set to air on Sunday, March 1, he says that that was almost the "breaking point" for him.

"I literally started talking to the family the week after that aired," he says on Sister Wives Tell All. "I started talking about, how can we get out of this show? I was dead serious. I had had enough."

He'd had enough? What about poor Christine, who got told she was being "insane," and not "being responsible with how [she was] behaving"? Because that's how you deal with a PMS'ing female ... totally invalidate her feelings. You'd think a guy who lives with four different women would freaking know these things.

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Anyway, at least he fesses up to being insensitive, and says he apologized to Christine. "I'm sorry that I didn't understand it well enough. And I'm sorry that it becomes a very offensive and polarizing thing," he says. "I actually apologized to Christine about this whole experience, but the PMS subject -- in spite of being married for so many years -- was a new problem to me. And so, when it became a real thing to me, it was a place where I was very insensitive about it."

Good for him -- gotta love a guy who apologizes when he should. Still, given everything that the family has gone through, it's kind of strange that this is the incident that almost caused them to shut the whole thing down.

Do you think Kody's apology to Christine was genuine?


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