'House of Cards' Review -- Everything You Need to Know Before Season 3

Are you ready for the third season of House of Cards? Netflix's uber popular series drops Friday, February 27, and we seriously can't wait. And we seriously couldn't remember what happened last season, because Netflix likes to release the entire series all at once, which we tend to binge-watch and then place on the back burner of our brains. Have no fear though! We went back and reviewed everything you need to know about House of Cards before diving into season 3.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


I don't think many of us fans can forget the way the first episode of season 2 ended. Frank Underwood freaking pushed Zoe in front of a train in order to get rid of her. Remember, this is the reporter that he was sleeping with through season 1, and his special pet connection to the press. And he pushed her in front of a train, killing her instantly.

Her on-again-off-again boyfriend Lucas was having none of that "accidental death" crap though, and he ended up spending the majority of the season trying to pin Zoe's murder on Frank.

Of course Frank is now the Vice President, having pulled all sorts of manipulative games in season 1, including enlisting the help of the attractive and passionate, yet tortured congresswoman and war vet Jacqueline "Jackie" Sharp. She became the House Majority Whip in exchange for forgetting about her moral compass.

Meanwhile, Claire spent the season struggling with her desire for children, even meeting with a fertility specialist, where we learned that she'd had three abortions. She also revealed that she'd been raped after running into her rapist at a government function where he was being honored for his service by Frank.

Later in the season, Claire is cornered into admitting that she had an abortion, but made it seem like the pregnancy had been the result of the sexual assault. She also gets closer to the First Lady, and refers her and the prez to a marriage counselor.

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Then there's Doug Stamper, Frank's chief of staff. This guy is basically Frank's Olivia Pope, except he's not sleeping with him (but there was that weird threesome scene with Frank, Claire, and Meetchum, so who knows?). Anyway, Doug accidentally fell for Rachel Posner, the former call girl Frank employed to take down Peter Russo. Remember when Frank murdered Russo and staged it as a suicide? Good times ... Anyway, Stamper ended up presumed dead in the woods, after Posner attacked him with a brick for being all controlling and stalkery.

And then there's Raymond Tusk, the president's bestie. There's some sort of plot arc with him and Chinese money laundering that frankly lasted way too many episodes, but it did eventually tie the White House to shady policies with China. That combined with the whole marriage counseling thing might make America question the president's ability to lead, so then Frank writes him a letter on a typewriter and convinces him to resign.

And that's how Frank Underwood became the President of the United States, closing season 2 with a knock of his ring on the Oval Office desk.

What characters do you think need to be worried for their lives in season 3?


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