Farrah Abraham's Butt Suddenly Looks Suspiciously Bigger

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to plastic surgery, and has even made comments in the past about wanting to get her butt done. According to at least one expert, it looks like Farrah may have gotten butt implants already.


The surgery-obsessed reality star has already had her nose and boobs done, implanted a new chin (and then had it removed), and her lips have been injected with so many fillers she probably has a punch card to get the tenth one free. So why not her rear?

I mean, it is a rather infamous derrière, what with Farrah's classic film, Backdoor Teen Mom, not to mention her line of sex toys molded personally off her lady parts.

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Wetpaint Entertainment talked to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lyle Back, who definitely had an opinion on the size of Farrah's rump in in MTV's "Getting to Know Farrah" special last weekend. According to Dr. Back, Farrah's hiney looks like it might have been enhanced somehow.

In part of the footage, Farrah shows off her curves in a sexy Santa outfit, and she definitely seems to be curvier than usual. Dr. Back said her new look is  "most likely" due to plastic surgery, but it's hard to be sure.

Farrah hasn't mentioned anything yet about her new and improved look, but this lady has always been very open about what parts of herself she's had cosmetic help with. Hopefully we'll know soon if she's sporting some cheeky implants, or just squeezing 500 squats a day into her regular workout!

Would you put it past Farrah to get butt implants?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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